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  • Date: 16/05/2013

Capital management articles

Capital management articles
A series of articles focusing on areas of capital management and better practice.

Cracking the capital management conundrum 

As businesses face a more complex funding and operating environment, the ability to manage capital efficiently is more important than ever. It’s time to move beyond simple cash management and embrace the full spectrum of dynamic working capital management to really transform your organisation.
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In our third article in our Capital Management series, we explore working capital management and why understanding its every dimension is absolutely critical.


The article provides key insights into how organisations can formulate a long-term plan to better measure and manage working capital and demonstrates why they must be open to adjusting operational processes to make a more lasting change.


Key themes


  • Are you receiving key metrics on working capital including accurate cash flow forecasts?
  • Does ownership of working capital sit at very senior levels in your organisation (CFO/COO)?
  • Do operational managers focus on improving flow between process steps, or on utilisation of assets?
  • Does your organisation undertake regular working capital audits or benchmarking exercises?
  • Have you explored funding alternatives best matched to your working capital cycle, such as inventory, supplier or debtor finance?

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Capital management

Capital management
Organisations are firmly focused on developing sustainable capital management strategies to help maximise shareholder value.