ACI Discussion Summary: Series 1, 2013 

Shaping the 2013 audit committee agenda

In 2013, audit committee agendas will be shaped by continued economic uncertainty, digitisation and increased government regulation globally. Focused, yet flexible agendas – exercising judgment about what belongs and does not belong on the committee’s agenda, and when to take deep dives – will be critical.

In our first online edition of the ACI Roundtable Discussion Summary, we summarise the issues that are shaping the 2013 audit committee agenda.

Roundtable participants expressed their views on key issues including social media risks, tax risk management and transparency, ASIC’s OFR guidance and audit quality.


These articles reflect those discussions.


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ACI Roundtable Insights

ACI Roundtable Insights
Key issues and insights discussed at KPMG's Audit Committee Institute (ACI) Roundtable series.