• Industry: Financial Services, Investment Management, Superannuation
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Survey report
  • Date: 25/03/2013

Investment Management Industry Insights – March 2013 

The global investment management industry has entered a period of unprecedented change and turmoil. What better time, then, to query the industry’s top minds about their thoughts on the state of the industry?

We sat down with more than 30 CEO’s from across the industry and the results were illuminating. Alas, it would appear that turmoil and flux are the order of the day for the investment management industry for the foreseeable future.


Key insights

  • Geopolitical instability – while always a pressure on markets, transformational changes in the energy sector, the Middle East, and China as well as developments in the eurozone are significantly influencing investment management.
  • Regulatory change – the implementation of regulations is forcing asset managers to look carefully at their operating and business models.
  • Changes to distribution models – competitive and market driven pressures are forcing firms to change their distribution models resulting in a significant shake up of the industry.
  • Due diligence and transparency – in the "post-Madoff" era these have increasingly become the focus of CEOs and leaders in firms around the world.
  • Impact of new potential market players – technological advancement has opened the door to the potential for new market entrants that could threaten current market players.

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