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  • Date: 2/07/2013

HR as a driver for organisational innovation 

Studies of corporate innovation strategies show success is not determined primarily by how well a company uses technology – or even by how much it spends on R&D. Instead, the most important factor is a company's ability to innovate successfully and sustainably to develop a culture of innovation.
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KPMG’s Global HR Transformation Centre of Excellence has identified 11 key factors common to established innovators.


Key Insights

  • Culture is king: winning companies first and foremost have developed cultures where innovation is seen as everyone's responsibility.
  • Research suggests that 47 percent of employees are allowed to take controlled risks – and only 52 percent report that their manager is good at listening to new ideas.
  • HR can use its unchallenged ownership of a diverse range of key levers, uniquely configuring to deliver a best fit (rather than best practice) approach to innovation.

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