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  • Date: 24/01/2014

Going beyond the data

Going beyond the data
We look at challenges and opportunities today’s organisations face as they strive to create value through data and analytics.

Going beyond the data: Actionable insights with data and analytics 

Today, the issue is no longer about owning the most data but rather about how to gain the most insight from it. In short, how to turn data into insights, and insights into real business advantage.

KPMG International commissioned FT Remark to survey 144 CFOs and CIOs from major corporations around the world. The survey reveals that an almost unanimous 99 percent of respondents said that D&A would be at least somewhat important to their current growth strategies, and almost seven in ten said it would either be crucially or very important.


Key insights

  • 69 percent consider D&A to be crucially or very important to their current growth plans.
  • While the majority of respondents (56 percent) changed their business strategy to meet the challenges of big data, 42 percent of executives admit integrating data technology into existing systems and/or business models is their greatest challenge.
  • More than half of all respondents (54 percent) identified their greatest barrier to implementing a successful D&A strategy was an inability to identify what data to collect.
  • 85 percent consider their biggest challenge with analytics to be implementing the right solution to analyse and interpret data.
  • 96 percent of executives felt to varying extents that they could be better utilising D&A within their organisation.



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