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Refinance or capital restructure? Consider this.

Neil Lamb and Steve Hendy advise taxpayers to consider Australia’s thin capitalisation amendments before refinancing or restructuring capital.
Modified date: 13/03/2015
Regulatory update

Debt Market Quarterly Update: Q4 2014

The final quarter of 2014 saw solid activity levels in the domestic debt market, where 12-month rolling volumes stayed above the US$100 billion mark.
Modified date: 5/03/2015
Business and industry issue

Capital Management

A series of articles focusing on capital management and better practice.
Modified date: 11/02/2015
Publication series

Debt Market Quarterly Update: Q3 2014

The third quarter of 2014 marked a significant milestone in Australian syndicated loans with rolling 12-month volume of US$114 billion.
Modified date: 23/11/2014
Business and industry issue

Capital management’s shifting landscape: will the ATO change its ways?

Neil Lamb speculates on how proposed changes to the Corporations Act will affect the ATO's approach to capital management
Modified date: 22/10/2014
Regulatory update

High Growth Markets International Acquisition Tracker – September 2014

This edition shows high growth markets maintaining their downward trajectory during the first half of 2014.
Modified date: 23/09/2014
Business and industry issue

High Growth Markets Tracker

The HGM Tracker is produced every six months to give an up-to-date picture of cross-border merger and acquisition activity.
Modified date: 19/09/2014
Publication series

Debt Market Quarterly Update: Q2 2014

The second quarter of 2014 saw momentum surge back into the Australian debt market, with US$30.7 billion completed for the quarter.
Modified date: 2/09/2014
Business and industry issue

Debt Market Quarterly Update

A quarterly review of debt market activity and insights into the latest trends and the implications for Australian companies.
Modified date: 20/08/2014
Publication series

Debt Market Quarterly Update: Q1 2014

The debt markets got off to their usual measured start to the year in Q1 2014, with US$11.2 billion priced for the quarter.
Modified date: 21/05/2014
Business and industry issue
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