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  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 28/04/2014

Corporate & Indirect Tax Rate Survey 2014 

Much like previous years, tax rates continue to be in a state of flux with the trend towards governments decreasing their corporate tax rates in favour of increases in indirect tax rates to attract foreign investment.
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Since KPMG International's previous edition of the rate survey, 13 countries increased their indirect tax rate and none decreased. Nine countries increased their corporate tax rate and 24 decreased.


Key insights

  • There are fundamental changes in attitudes and approaches to tax all over the world. Tax rates, reflective of a country’s economic situation, are going up and down and there is no consistent approach.
  • The increases in indirect tax rates are arguably evidence of it becoming the ‘tax of choice’ for governments around the world who are looking to raise much needed income.
  • Among countries that impose a corporate tax, the United Arab Emirates holds the top spot with the highest rate.
  • For countries that impose an indirect tax, Hungary takes the top spot with the highest rate.

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