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  • Date: 11/06/2014

Cloud as an enabler of innovation 

Just 2 years ago Cloud was all about the ‘cost out’ agenda – fast forward to 2014 and Cloud is now considered a strategic business enabler. Organisations are taking an enterprise-wide view of Cloud and changing their fundamental thinking around its benefits.
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On 6 May 2014 at the annual CeBIT Conference, KPMG hosted a distinguished panel of IT professionals to discuss how they are using Cloud to deliver innovation within their complex organisations.


The panel was asked to consider two key themes: how Cloud enables innovation and what should organisations do to fully realise the benefits on offer.


Key insights from the panel

  • Innovation is said to be the last key differentiator for organisations. It’s not just about product and customer outcomes themselves – it’s also about how you deliver those outcomes in an agile and cost effective way.
  • Innovation keeps you on the front foot, driving the market. It’s about new products, doing things differently and changing the customer experience.
  • The Cloud journey often starts easily, with small product development teams but it can scale uncontrollably and bring complexity organisations simply don’t want in an operating environment.


3 tips for businesses using the cloud

3 tips for businesses using the cloud
Jonathan Taylor, Partner, IT Advisory, spoke at CeBIT 2014 on how businesses can use cloud to achieve business value.

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Business impacts of cloud

Business impacts of cloud
Cloud is creating new business opportunities for companies that are willing to harness its power.


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