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  • Date: 2/07/2013

Decent Obsessions: Bernard Salt 

Is it unusual to feel uncomfortable if the television volume is set to an odd number? Is the man flu real or is this a conspiracy by men to garner special attention? Have you ever walked away from a function thinking ‘am I the only normal person in the world’?

Decent Obsessions book coverDemographics Partner in Change, Bernard Salt ponders these and other questions of the ‘average and normal’ in his fifth book to be published, titled Decent Obsessions: Why it’s okay to sweat the small stuff.


Bernard is the Partner in Charge of KPMG’s Demographics practice, which assists companies make informed decisions by thorough and rigorous analysis of the demographic characteristics of consumer, service and employment markets within a specific geographic area.


Published Monday, 1 July 2013, Decent Obsessions is a collection of the best of Bernard’s columns in The Weekend Australian. The book is a witty observation of life in the middle lane and reveals Bernard’s fascination and acute observations of the everyday combined with his deep understanding of demographic data and trends.


“It’s time to celebrate the lives and the lifestyles not so much of the rich and the famous but of the everyday and the ordinary.”
Bernard Salt




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