• Industry: Financial Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 17/10/2013

Frontiers in Finance

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Frontiers in Finance: Embedding culture change and managing talent risk 

The financial services sector has changed fundamentally, most importantly on the part of consumers and society at large. Developing an expectation of financial services organisations that they should be safe, reliable, efficient, as boring as a utility; is a picture which may strike some as old fashioned. However, financial services companies which fail to understand the nature of the change occurring around them will struggle.

The financial services industry needs a fundamental change in attitude and culture to respond to the new environment. This is why we have chosen to devote much of this issue of frontiers to issues of culture. We believe culture is the new fundamental challenge.



  • Embedding real culture change and managing talent risk.
  • Making a bank marriage work: overcoming the cultural barriers.
  • Regulatory reporting: challenges for markets and for regulators.
  • New pressure on Investment Management — regulating remuneration.
  • The conduct agenda and its impact on the product lifecycle.



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