Example Financial Statement resources 

KPMG produces a range of resources to assist you in the preparation of your annual report in accordance with Australian financial reporting requirements.

Example financial statements for public companies


Example Public Company Limited: Illustrative Disclosures 2014-2015


Australian-specific resources for public companies


Operating and Financial Reviews 2014
Enhancing remuneration reporting
ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Third Edition)
ASX CGC Principles & Recommendations on Diversity 2014


Australian Financial Reporting Manual


Australian Financial Reporting Manual – June 2014


International resources


Insights into IFRS 2014/2015 - 11th Edition

KPMG’s practical guide to International Financial Reporting Standards.
Insights into IFRS

IFRS Guides to financial statements

IFRS Guides to financial statements:

Illustrative disclosures for:

Disclosure checklists for:

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Better business reporting

Better business reporting
There is worldwide momentum for better business reporting. We examine current developments and benefits for business.

Financial reports – less clutter, more value

Financial reports – less clutter, more value
Financial reports must be clear, relevant and easy to understand. De-clutter your reports and gain deeper insights into the health of your business.

Accounting and Reporting Webinar Series

Accounting & Reporting Webinar Series
Our webinar series provides regular updates on the changing world of accounting and financial reporting.

Financial Reporting & Accounting Standards

KPMG has extensive experience in applying accounting standards, both Australian accounting standards and IFRS, to a range of transactions.