Australia Report 2012 

The Australia Report 2012 identifies the key risks facing Australia over the next decade, while providing insights into the interconnectedness of these risks, and the opportunities they present.
Australia Report 2012

Mike Ritchie

Mike Ritchie

Partner, Financial Risk Management

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Economic and environmental issues were identified as the key risks to Australia by leaders in business, government and academia. This finding reflects a world in which extreme climate events and international economic uncertainty are becoming givens.

The unique aspect of this research is risk interconnectivity. This analysis can assist organisations develop mitigation strategies to major risks, build resilient operations and capitalise on untapped opportunities.


The report discusses opportunities including:

  • R&D investment
  • becoming a regional food bowl
  • enhancing relationships in Asia
  • addressing demographic challenges
  • a national plan for population.

Developed by ADC Forum in collaboration with KPMG, the paper is a valuable tool for long term strategy development and risk planning.

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Download a copy of the Australia Report 2012 in PDF.

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