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Tax Management Services 

Never before has so much pressure been placed on management to be accountable to directors, shareholders, revenue authorities and governing bodies (local and international) for the taxes that they manage. The value of Income Tax, VAT (input and output VAT), PAYE and STC managed on behalf of stakeholders is one of the largest cash flow items in the business, but is often regarded as an “afterthought” with limited direct attention. A continuous focus on the Tax Accounting and Tax Management Processes in a company is therefore imperative.

    The KPMG Tax Management team’s core offering is to help manage and monitor tax as a business issue.


    Specifically regarding:


    • Financial statements and external reporting
    • Internal reporting and controls
    • Corporate governance strategies
    • Management of tax risks
    • Overall performance of the tax function
    • Good relationships with the revenue authorities
    • Maximisation of the efficiency and effectiveness of tax departments.


    Our main service offerings consist of:


    • Audit related tax services (ARTS)
    • Tax processes and controls
    • Tax accounting services.


    Audit Related Tax Services (ARTS)


    • Provide assurance to auditors that the income tax charge, including STC & CGT and the deferred tax in the Annual Financial Statements is reasonably stated.
    • Provide assurance to auditors that no material VAT and PAYE liability exist that may materially affect the Annual Financial Statements.


    Tax processes and controls


    Provide assistance to clients regarding processes adopted to manage income tax, CGT, VAT and PAYE including:


    • SOX support & advice
    • Tax strategy & planning
    • Tax Committee establishment
    • Tax controls and procedures
    • Tax technical and process training
    • Tax Committee meetings.


    Tax accounting services

    Provide assistance to clients in connection with:


    • The preparation and review of complicated tax returns
    • Deferred tax reconciliations and reviews
    • Financial Statement tax reviews.

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Johan Heydenrych


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