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Fraud, corporate crime, commercial disputes and litigation can imperil your organisation’s integrity and reputation, undermine confidence, and attract regulatory intervention as well as negative media attention.

Herman De Beer

Herman De Beer

Service Group Leader: Risk Consulting

+27 (0)82 719 2533

The changing nature of business has created new opportunities, but also new risks and potential threats.

Forensic helps clients reduce reputational risk and commercial loss. By applying accounting, investigation, intelligence, technology and industry skills we can help prevent and resolve commercial disputes, fraud, misconduct, and breaches of rules and regulations.


We establish the facts, collect and preserve evidence, assist recoveries and lay a foundation for criminal or civil action. We can also deploy technology tools to help clients deal effectively with large amounts of data and documentation, to manage and disclose important material or highlight fraud, weaknesses and business opportunities from within corporate data.


KPMG Forensic aims to provide our clients with the tools and services they need to keep on top of the major risks they face. Our specific services include:


KPMG Fraud Risk Management Assessment

Complete the free assessment in order to receive high level feedback on the fraud risks faced by your company. Feedback on the results will be supplied to you within two to three working days.