South Africa

Public Sector 

Partnering with government to inspire public confidence and empower service delivery change through our local and global knowledge and experience.



Government’s preferred advisor in Advisory, Tax and Audit Services.


Our Strategic Objectives


  • People development
  • Empowerment and transformation
  • Clients
  • Quality
  • Performance


Our approach is driven by our clients' needs

Our approach in South Africa is driven by Government’s key priorities and pressing issues. These issues include the fight against poverty, ensuring job creation, infrastructure development and improved service delivery.

At KPMG, we aim to tailor and design methodologies for the public sector, working towards a common goal of strategic thinking, operational service delivery and performance enhancement. In addition, we want to play a role in stimulating interactive public and private sector collaboration for the common good of South Africa.

By adopting this approach, we are able to help combine policy implementation with day-to-day operational delivery. We have organised our service offerings to align with the direct requirements of the South African public sector, and have dedicated advisers who are able to interact with you on many policy, strategic and operational issues.
 Our local and global success in public sector project delivery is based on continuous interaction with our clients – listening to their actual needs.

Our Service Offerings

With our public sector knowledge – locally, provincially, nationally and globally – we offer services that:


  • Are progressive in approach, seeking to maximise value for our clients
  • Identify ways to grow the South African economy and stimulate job creation
  • Act as a catalyst between the public and private sectors to find common ground and joint opportunities
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of large-scale initiatives
  • Provide assurance and monitoring on major projects
  • Enable our professionals to act as a sounding board for public sector management to generate ideas and test their relevance.


Operational service delivery and performance enhancement


At the heart of public sector service delivery and performance lies the challenge of balancing delivery with cost containment in an environment facing varying capacity constraints. We believe service delivery and accountability are some of the key priorities for the public sector – the important gains made in new legislation and policy development come to very little, without delivery. 
We have an established record in public sector engagements. Our success is built upon our collaborative approach with our clients. By doing this, it is possible to work towards achieving the following objectives:


  • Improving service delivery
  • Promoting and maintaining good governance and business ethics
  • Developing accountability and responsibility through good performance
  • Complying with new legislation
  • Building capacity and skills
  • Managing risk and improving controls
  • Redressing delivery backlogs
  • Having the most suitable and flexible operating structure.


KPMG in South Africa


KPMG in South Africa continues to build on its long and proud association with Government and public entities. We work with Government in all three spheres, state-owned enterprises and educational institutions to deliver change, improve performance and drive efficiency.

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