Evolving World of Risk Management 

In response to today's complex and evolving business and regulatory environment, KPMG has designed the Evolving World of Risk Management (EWRM) program to provide organizations with a strategic approach to mitigate risk by enhancing and rationalizing their risk management programs, converging and integrating their governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) efforts, and transforming their business to drive sustainable business performance and value.

The program delivers upon three key messaging themes:
  • Improve risk intelligence and strengthen decision-making and business strategy,
  • Drive business performance through convergence of risk programs, and
  • Increase business value by transforming the business model to be more risk adept.

KPMG has developed a series of issues briefs and white papers that address the specific challenges associated with EWRM. You can access this material by clicking on the PDFs available in the right-hand column of this page or by clicking on one of the issues below.

For more information:

Eric Holt
Global Leader, Internal Audit, Risk, & Compliance

John Farrell
Global Leader, ERM / GRC

Jitendra Sharma
Global Leader, Financial Risk Management


  • Do you have a formal risk reporting mechanism?
  • Are the risks/threats factored into your strategic planning process?
  • Do you assess risk appetite/tolerance?
  • Do you measure and monitor company risks?
  • Are there multiple risk silos within your organization?
  • How is risk management perceived at your company?
  • Have there been many ‘mis-steps’ in the recent past?
  • Are your earnings more volatile than those of your peers?
  • What type of quantitative analysis do you perform?
  • How are the outcomes acted upon?