Forensic Services 

More than ever companies are operating in a complex global business environment. They are drowning in a sea of digital data, adapting to the perils of doing business in new markets, struggling to comply with increased regulation and trying to avoid costly enforcement actions and litigation. Managing the risk of fraud and misconduct has never been more challenging.

Forensic Services

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Richard H. Girgenti, leader of Forensic Services for U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG LLP, and Timothy P. Hedley, who heads KPMG’s Fraud Risk Management Services, have authored the executives’ guide, Managing the Risk of Fraud and Misconduct: Meeting the Challenges of a Global, Regulated and Digital Environment.

KPMG works with organizations to help them in their efforts to achieve the highest level of integrity. At the same time, we work with businesses to effectively manage the costs and risks of complying with new regulations and enforcement activity and the dangers of costly and disruptive litigation.


KPMG Forensic is a global network comprised of over 2,500 multidisciplinary professionals from member firms of KPMG International who assist clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct, and by avoiding and resolving disputes.


Our professionals not only help clients discover the facts underlying concerns about fraud and misconduct, but they also assist our clients in assessing and mitigating the vulnerabilities to such activities. We also deliver a broad range of services to help prevent and resolve commercial disputes including the assessment of damages; the resolutions of accounting, audit, and finance-related issues; and expert witness services.


Using a wide range of sophisticated technology tools, KPMG Forensic helps organizations address the risks and costs involved with evidence and discovery management as well as the acquisition, management, and analysis of large data sets. Our professionals work alongside clients to handle information from its creation to its preservation, collection, analysis, and presentation in discovery. We also apply data analytics to assist with detecting fraud and misconduct. To support these services, member firms of KPMG International operate secure data centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Germany, and Austria.


For more information, please contact the KPMG Forensic Hotline at 1-877-679-5764.

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Richard Girgenti

Richard Girgenti
US Leader
Forensic Services
New York, NY
+1 212-872-6953

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Recognized Forensic Leader

  • #1 Forensic Accounting Provider
  • #1 Data & Technology Management eDiscovery Provider
  • #1 Managed Document Review
  • #1  eDiscovery Mobile App
  • #1 Litigation Dispute Advisory Services Consultant
  • #1 End-to-End  Litigation Consulting Firm

KPMG named Global and US AML Firm of the Year for 2014 by ACQ


2014 Global AML Firm of the Year


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