Mortgage & Consumer Lending 

KPMG’s Mortgage & Consumer Lending (MCL) services team helps clients navigate the complex and dynamic credit market landscape. We support business process improvement and re-design, compliance with new regulations, transaction execution, and financial assistance at the portfolio and loan level.

Over the past several years, the mortgage and consumer lending industry has experienced unprecedented turmoil. In response to economic uncertainty, new reforms, regulations and agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have been established to help mitigate, manage, and monitor ongoing risk in the industry. This constantly changing environment directly affects the financial, operational and regulatory requirements of mortgage and consumer lending organizations. In this business climate, addressing growing regulatory scrutiny, developing and improving processes for managing financial risks, and implementing enhanced controls to mitigate risk becomes imperative.


KPMG’s Mortgage and Consumer Lending (MCL) services practice is ready to assist your organization as you navigate today’s credit market. The MCL practice group includes approximately 200 KPMG professionals in the U.S. who focus specifically on mortgage and consumer lending, providing deep industry knowledge and experience in the financial services sector.


KPMG’s MCL professionals apply credit analytics, financial analysis and other tools and methodologies to support informed decision-making. We can also help monitor loan performance, forecast borrower behavior, estimate credit losses and help mitigate credit and lease residual risks.


In addition, KPMG offers related services including securitization, modeling, and tax capabilities delivered by professionals with extensive experience in multiple disciplines including structured finance, valuations, securitization tax accounting, agreed-upon procedures and other operations such as mortgage servicing.


We help financial institutions implement target operating models (TOMs) that integrate organizational flexibility, centralized risk management, and compliance into their operational structures to enhance servicing, securitization and secondary marketing while improving risk mitigation and management, governance, technology and operational performance.


KPMG’s MCL team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your organization’s lending challenges and demonstrate how we can help your organization mitigate and manage its financial, operational, compliance and reputational risks. To begin the dialogue on these important industry challenges, please contact any of the following KPMG MCL Leaders:


For information about KPMG’s related Mortgage and Consumer Lending Services, please visit our Mortgage Operations Services, Consumer Lending Services, Securitization Services, Securitization Tax Services, Credit & Data Analytics Services, Credit Technology Solutions Services, and general overview pages.


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U.S. Credit Risk Services Leader,