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P³ - People powered performance 

People are an organisation’s lifeblood. But while they can be an organisation’s biggest asset, people can also be one of the biggest costs. So how do you ensure that you are getting the most from your workforce?

P³ - People powered performance is our one-firm approach to solving people issues and how they affect business performance. We can help you unlock insights into your organisation, identify any issues and improvements plus show their impact using data and analytics.


We do this by looking at an organisation’s workforce holistically, across five key areas of Cost, Capacity, Capability, Connectivity and Compliance –our 5C model.  

The 5 Cs


By taking advantage of the interplay between these five areas, and understanding how they affect business performance, we can identify opportunities to create competitive advantage.


We provide an evidence-based starting point to answer questions such as: 


  • Do you understand how people drive costs and profit?
  • What talent really drives business performance?
  • How can you enhance your recruitment strategy to improve business performance?
  • How can you modify learning and development programmes to increase sales, or reduce risk?
  • How can your workforce mix be refined to enhance your business performance?


We have found that many organisations currently rely on intuition or widely held assumptions to manage their workforce issues.  Our data-driven approach can identify substantiated, credible opportunities to increase workforce performance and productivity.

Potential benefits

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