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Tax Policy Cycle 

The Coalition Government has changed the way they make policy announcements, no longer treating the budget as the pinnacle of the tax year but as a key element in the tax policy cycle. As such, a number of key policy announcements are being made throughout the financial year.

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KPMG insights and commentary on consultation documents will be uploaded to this page and refreshed throughout their policy cycle.


If you have any comments, please speak to the relevant contact on individual policy documents below,  or if you have a general enquiry, please let us know.


The Chancellor will deliver his penultimate Budget bbefore the 2015 General Election on Wednesday 19 March 2014. Visit our dedicated Budget page for some thoughts on what we might see and a summary of key measures already announced..
Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement 2013 at 11.15am on 5 December, providing an update on the Government’s plans for the economy based on the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility, published the same day.Visit our dedicated Autumn Statement page to read more.
Draft clauses of the Finance Bill 2014 will be published on 10 December 2013. KPMG will be providing full coverage of key changes that may impact you. Please refer to KPMG's Finance Bill 2014 draft clauses webpage to stay updated on the major developments.
The Chancellor’s Budget speech was delivered on Wednesday 20 March. This was a Budget designed to fit the current economic straitjacket. It was fiscally neutral so that any tax raising measures and expenditure cuts are equalised out by tax cuts and expenditure increases. Visit our dedicated Budget page to read more 
Draft clauses of the Finance Bill 2013 were published on 11 December 2012. Please refer to KPMG's Finance Bill 2013 draft clauses webpage to stay updated on the major developments.
Are you thinking about the rules that make individuals UK resident for tax purposes, whether as an individual or as an employer? Are you a non dom who would like to bring money into the UK or would like to know more about how the remittance basis rules affect you? Find out more… 

CFC Reform

Since June 2007, the Government has been consulting extensively on proposals for a new Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) regime. Interim improvements were brought in with Finance Act 2011 whilst full reform of the CFC regime is included in Finance Act 2012.  Read on to see the latest position.