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Environmental Tax and Incentives 

Businesses need to understand the tax implications of any actions they may take in the quest to reduce their carbon footprint and their overall impact on the environment. Some sectors face changes created by the imposition of specific environmental taxes or other policy measures, including dealing with carbon trading and investing schemes.

We help organisations to understand and manage the tax implications of addressing climate change and other environmental concerns, as well as identifying cost saving opportunities.


What's on your mind?


  • Unsure of the tax reliefs available
  • Needs to deal with rising tax rates for landfill tax, aggregates levy and climate change levy
  • Wants to incentivise employees to reduce the businesses carbon footprint without increasing costs
  • Needs to deal with tax issues from trading and investing in carbon projects
  • Needs help in complying with the carbon reduction cost


Bringing you peace of mind


  • Only by fully understanding your environmental strategy can you ensure that you are making the best return on investment
  • Our team consists of tax, finance, business and environmental professionals who work closely alongside our Climate Change Sustainability
  • We have a team of specialists who can help reduce your businesses carbon footprint to mitigate cross-border tax leakage, to assist you with qualifying for tax incentives and relief
  • We listen to our clients needs. Following client requests we have created a leading, free to use interactive tool - ETHiC (Environmental Tax Health Check). ETHiC helps identify how much you are paying in environmental taxes and detects which tax incentives you could be claiming based on your current expenditure


What's in it for you?


  • Cost reduction - identifying cost saving opportunities and efficiencies through environmental incentives and where specific tax liabilities arise
  • Compliance - improving environmental strategy to comply with regulatory obligations
  • Improved reputation - helping to effectively incentivise employees to reduce the businesses carbon footprint and enhancing company brand and image


Why KPMG? 


  • KPMG head up the tax and accounting work-stream at the Carbon Market and Investors Association and sit on the panel of experts advising the Treasury on Carbon Markets
  • We were the only representative from the UK accountancy profession to present at the OECD on carbon trading
  • We have a team of environmental tax specialists who really understand clients' businesses
  • Our deep industry knowledge ensures that we help deliver the right services to our clients at the right time
  • A leading software allows clients to realise where they can reduce costs and enhance their green credentials


Case Study


  • We advised a waste management business on its landfill tax management and were able to claim back a significant sum on the client's behalf from HMRC
  • We were also able to advise the client on improving compliance for the future and on maximising use of the tax credit mechanism
  • The client had invested heavily in its infrastructure and in management systems and we were able to advise on capital allowances and research and development tax credits


Stuart WilkinsonStuart Wilkinson

Head of Carbon Taxes

KPMG in the UK


020 7311 4926

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Useful Reading

If environmental issues are on your agenda then you might also find our carbon advisory website useful.  It's a must visit site to keep you updated on the latest news and issues as well as highlighting how we can help you plan, measure, manage and report on climate change.


KPMG Tax Partner Frank Sangster was interviewed for a BBC Newsnight report about the environment entitled "Greens on Trial".  The item examined the relevance of the "green movement" in today's political and economic climate.  He commented on the effectiveness and potential of the carbon markets in regulating behaviour and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.