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Protected Trust Deeds 

Personal Debt problems in Scotland – Protected Trust Deeds a solution for individuals.


A Trust Deed is a voluntary agreement between a debtor and their creditors to repay part of what they owe.

It is arranged and managed by a qualified insolvency practitioner acting as a Trustee. To become binding on all creditors, a Trust Deed in Scotland must become “protected”. All creditors have a five week period in which to object.  Once your Trust Deed becomes protected, creditors can take no further action to recover the money that was owed or take legal action in Scotland against the debtor.

What's on your Mind?


There are lots of reasons why individual financial circumstances change, for example redundancy, illness, divorce:


  • Have you entered into financial commitments you can no longer maintain?
  • Are you unable to pay bills, credit cards, loans or other financial agreements?
  • Do you feel under pressure from your unsecured creditors?
  • Do you need someone to help find the right solution for you?

Bringing You Peace of Mind


  • A Protected Trust Deed offers protection from your unsecured creditors using a Scottish Government backed process.
  • It enables you to only pay what you can afford and allows you to be discharged from your debts after a set time period, usually 3 years.
  • A Protected Trust Deed prevents your unsecured creditors from taking further legal action.

What's in it for You? 


  • The opportunity to regain your financial stability.
  • Allows you to concentrate on priority creditors (for example, Mortgage, rent etc.).
  • Alleviates the stress and anxiety that come with financial difficulty.



  • Assurance of dealing with one of Scotland’s leading accountancy firms.
  • Dedicated team experienced in delivering personal debt solutions.
  • Committed to providing best advice tailored to individual circumstances.

Case Study

Mrs Smith entered into various credit agreements over a number of years with several different financial institutions, with the total amount outstanding in the region of £35,000. Her commitments were manageable until she lost her job. Unfortunately she could not secure another job at the same level.


This resulted in her not being able to meet her contractual payments. With her commitments now unmanageable she decided to seek financial advice. She spent considerable time reviewing the many options available and found the process daunting and very confusing.  She eventually contacted KPMG.


After a free consultation with one of our experienced advisors, in which they talked her through all the options available to her, it was agreed that the best course of action was to sign a Trust Deed. She agreed to contribute her monthly surplus income of £200 to the Protected Trust Deed for three years. This gave her back her financial stability and allowed her to regain control of her finances. At the end of the Protected Trust Deed a dividend was paid to her unsecured creditors and Mrs Smith was discharged legally from them.




Andrew Kennedy


Senior Manager


0141 300 5770 | andrew.kennedy@kpmg.co.uk

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