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Information and Technology risk management isn’t just about security and regulatory compliance. It is about making technology play its part in delivering business goals.

All major organisations have a critical dependency on their technology and the trust they place in their systems is constantly under threat from a complex landscape of technology risks.  The media headlines of cyber attack, system and project failure, regulatory and compliance breaches and fraud bear witness to how often this trust is broken usually with huge financial and reputation impacts.

We help our clients to identify, remediate and prevent Information and Technology failures in order to improve business outcomes.


  • We bring technology risk awareness to the boardroom
  • We provide insight from data and embed genuine technology risk management into organisations
  • Our tailored services keep information assets secure, systems functioning and controls operating effectively

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  • Business Resilience
    Helping clients to protect their organisation against risk and disruptive change


  • Technology Risk
    Helping clients manage their IT risks to deliver business benefits


  • Data Insight
    Helping clients turn data into insight to support business decisions, and respond to information requests, including regulators, securely and efficiently


  • Financial and Business Modelling
    Helping clients build bespoke financial models that are flexible, robust, accurate and easy-to-use, with clear reports to deliver tangible business benefits


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KPMG’s second edition of the Technology Risk Radar survey. This year’s report includes a forward-looking perspective on some of the top risks facing each industry and practical tips on what organisations can do to help address some of these risks.

KPMG's 2012-2013 IT Internal Audit Survey

This is KPMG’s second IT Internal Audit survey which follows our initial study in 2009.

2012 IT Internal Audit Conference

Performance Assured - IT Internal Audit Conference 2012

 Data Loss Barometer 2012


Dataloss Barometer 2012 - Data loss incidents have increased by 40% since 2011




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Head of Technology Risk Consulting

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KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads

KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads


Technology has revolutionised the day-to-day lives of individuals and organisations alike. But if we're to continue to benefit and to profit from it, and if we're to minimise the potential downsides, we're going to have make some choices.