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Data Analytics 

We help clients unlock value from their data


Data Analytics is the collection, integration, analysis and presentation of data using advanced technology and statistical techniques, for the purpose of facilitating better decision-making, minimising risk and delivering business value. 

We help clients improve data accuracy, flow and quality, resulting in a reduced risk of data degradation, driving down cost and enabling organisations to use their data more effectively.

Data Analytics

Our Data Management service is focused on giving clients clarity on: 


i) understanding how the data flows from source to target,

ii) what controls are in place to ensure the data is not degraded,

iii) who actively owns the data and how the quality of the data can be assessed, maintained and improved,

iv) removing redundant steps from the data processing therefore driving down cost


Data analytics and data management are foundations of advanced capabilities that underpin the following core offerings: 



Financial Crime

In a continually changing regulatory landscape, it is becoming increasingly complex for firms to manage their risk.  Recent events, such as the increased trade sanctions against Iran and regime change in the Middle East, a high profile ‘rogue trader’ case and insider trading raids across Europe, are causing firms to re-evaluate their financial crime policies, procedures and business processes.  Together with the increased scrutiny from regulators in regards to over-reliance on technology, there is a need to re-define best practice. 


Data analytics is a key component of financial crime risk identification, quantification, mitigation and monitoring when considering dealings with agents, business partners and clients. KPMG assists our clients to understand and manage these risks.


Financial Insights


Organisations are faced with the challenge of minimising risk but enhancing performance.  The answer to these challenges is often available through better insight into their financial data. Our work with Clients has shown that many do not have the technology or skill set in-house to use this underlying core data to drive valuable insight for their benefit. At KPMG, we provide clients with insight into their financial systems through the application of data analytics. Our financial insight proposition provides focus on the core financial processes and provides insight to mitigate risks, improve controls and enhance performance and improve decision making. 


Operational Insights

One of the biggest challenges which Organisations face in today’s climate is how to get the best insight from its Operational data.  Our team has the experience to help clients get the most out of this data, be it health & safety reporting, the management of Suppliers and third parties the range of data available for analysis is ever increasing.  Using a combination of leading tools and technologies and KPMG’s diverse industry experience we can deliver real value to our clients, helping them to minimise risk, enhance performance and improve decision making.


Customer Insights

In today’s competitive and regulatory climate, organisations increasingly need to use data to drive forward regulatory compliance across customers’ interactions and business operating procedures.

A successful organisation will embed the analysis of data into its decision making and put data at the heart of its strategy. However many organisations struggle to turn this information into actionable insights, and use it to stay ahead of the game in terms of the risk and compliance agenda.  KPMG’s data analytics team can help you unlock the hidden value in your customer data and minimise risk though a series of structured and innovative approaches.


Regulatory Remediation Data

The data required to identify the customers who have suffered loss is commonly spread across the organisation, is held in multiple systems and in various formats to differing levels of quality.  We have proven skills and experience, through our work on PPI, to bring this data together accurately, efficiently and in an auditable manner, plus providing value-adds of data profiling and quality assessment, modelling and predictive analytics.


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