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The reality is that cyber attacks have occurred in great numbers, and are continuing to do so. This is not a new threat – hackers have been infiltrating sensitive government and industrial systems since the early 1990s. The importance of cyber security has only recently erupted due to a number of high profile and disruptive security breaches across national corporate infrastructures, as well as recognition of the need to be open and collaborative about the nature of the threat in order to combat it effectively.


Security is more of a process and a culture than a solution, and data is the lifeblood of most organisations in the digital age. As such, safeguarding IT networks and sensitive data from electronic attack, both from external and internal perpetrators, is a constant endeavour which needs to be led from the top of the organisation.

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There are few issues that are more important than cyber security today, whether you’re in business or whether you’re a citizen.


If you’re in business the protection of your intellectual assets, the protection of your competitive advantage goes right to the core of being in business today. Any organisation which has any assets, any competitive advantage in a key industry will have been subject to scrutiny by foreign governments already…. That is certain.


The UK Government share President Obama’s concerns that we are being attacked, that our businesses are having their intellectual property stolen, that our competitive advantage is being eroded by cyber security attacks, and they understand that if we don’t do something today, that we will have very little business to defend and be competitive in the global economy for tomorrow.

How we can help


Effective cyber response requires a multi-disciplinary and coordinated approach. KPMG’s cyber response team contains technical experts, experienced incident managers, forensic specialists and legal advisors. We combine the bespoke technical knowledge of a specialist ‘boutique’ firm with the business understanding, variety of skill-set and cross-border coverage of a global advisory firm. Some of the areas we can help clients include:


  • Decisive and measured management of incidents or threats that your organisation may discover, specifically providing practical assistance and advice on containment, mitigation and continuation or resumption of business operations.
  • An independent view of the risks your business faces in line with your current cyber detection capabilities and procedures
  • Providing confidence in the state of your cyber response procedures as well as the controls and technologies which underpin them
  • Our international network across 140 countries provides a truly global cyber response capability, allowing us to quickly assist you during the investigation and remediation projects that may affect geographically-disparate networks and systems.


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