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Major Projects Advisory 

Are you involved in the investment or delivery of major construction or capex/repex infrastructure programs?


If so, then you will understand the importance of taking the right steps to reduce project/program risk and of ensuring that projects hit time, cost and quality goals. 

Major Projects Advisory helps project owners, stakeholders, and contractors to do the right project, and do it right.

Our deeply experienced team comprises engineers, quantity surveyors, commercial managers, project and program managers, cost accountants and IT specialists.


We also work closely with KPMG's specialist Joint Ventures team, especially around the planning, implentation, governance and control of major joint venture development projects.

What’s on your mind?


How do you improve project controls and governance, including management information (MI), around your major projects?

How can you enhance your approach to program/project management?

Do you have appropriate and regular independent assurance/monitoring over your major capex projects?

If one of your projects goes over time and/or cost, do you really understand why?

Are you approving payments to contractors and sub-contractors that you ought to be challenging because they are not contractually entitled or properly supported?


Bringing you peace of mind


We help to ensure successful delivery of major programmes and projects through a range of services: 


  • Project and Programme Set-up, and Governance (methodology, policies, processes, controls and procedures); 
  • Risk Analysis and Management;
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Independent Assurance of Major Projects
  • Independent Monitoring of Major Projects
  • Diagnostic Reviews and Health Checks
  • Project and (Sub)-Contractor Cost Reviews


In addition, we support clients in addressing distressed projects and programs. In these roles we provide: 


  • Analysis and corrective actions for projects failing to meet their intended objectives;
  • Analysis and resolution of claims, disputes and litigation;
  • Establishing the facts where allegations have been made or where there are instances of impropriety or fraud.


What’s in it for you?


  • Reduced project/program risk
  • Help you to do the right project and do it right
  • Reduced project cost
  • Enhance your business’ reputation around delivery of major capital projects
  • Greater confidence in achieving your commercial objectives
  • Access to specialists able to leverage learning from many major projects and programs across power, energy, natural resources, transport and many other sectors
  • Improved internal visibility of major projects



Our integrated team of specialists is drawn from many different professional backgrounds from engineers to accountants. We have many years of practical commercial experience across many sectors and in many roles, coupled with professional advisory experience.


From our experience of working on capital projects worth billions of pounds, we are able to apply our invaluable combination of knowledge and skills to help both public and private institutions improve project delivery, reduce risk and cost, and successfully meet stakeholder requirements.


We are part of a global network of MPA specialists able to deliver our services in all parts of the world including in the emerging economies.


Case Studies


Gap Analysis of existing governance against good practice – An energy company was embarking on a major project of a type that they had relatively little previous experience in. We were asked to perform a gap analysis around their proposed approach to governance including project controls, MI and risk identification and mitigation.

Contractor cost reviews A power company wished to establish if contractor costs were contractually compliant and appropriate. We performed a historical review, which identified and recovered significant sums for the company.

Diagnostic reviews – A manufacturing company had project managed the design, procurement and installation of specialist plant in an existing factory. We completed a post implementation review to understand the reasons for the project being significantly over budget.

Monitoring and Assurance – A public body retained us to provide a program of assurance reviews over its contractor supply chain, focusing on contract compliance and performance improvement.

Independent Monitor – We were retained to act as independent monitor over the feasibility stage of a major power project.

Strategic planning processes – A major infrastructure transport operator needed to redesign industry processes to ensure revenue services and capital investment works optimised the efficiency of assets, revenue, maintenance and investment.  We reviewed existing processes, developed a strengths and weaknesses analysis and made recommendations regarding options for improvement.


Programme Office Review – We undertook a review and made recommendations regarding the programme office function for a major games delivery organisation. The review focused on governance, planning, risk management, control/monitoring and stakeholder management functions.


Project and Programme Management (Projects Development) – We are providing project leadership in the development of a major water utility investment project. This involves coordinating the integration of governance processes, financial modelling, business case and works design to develop an integrated financial and construction proposition for government approval - ahead of the construction phase.

Project and Programme Management (Projects Delivery) – A power company asked us to conduct a review of its capital investment management processes. We undertook the review in a collaborative context and made recommendations for improvements relating to programme management, cross-programme integration and programme risk management.