United Kingdom

Financial and Regulatory Risk 

It’s clear that the complexity, volatility and scrutiny facing financial sector institutions are requiring them to look at risk and regulation differently, changing and shaping their businesses accordingly.

Yet, understanding – and taking control of – these challenges doesn’t only prevent bad things from happening. It helps financial services firms to get their important decisions right, do what they do better and achieve their commercial goals.


Our financial and regulatory risk professionals have the technical and industry expertise, as well as the outstanding relationships with and understanding of regulators, to help our clients meet their many risk and compliance obligations. We’ve worked with many of the largest global firms, both proactively and reactively, across many areas including:



In these ways, we can help our clients use risk and regulation as a platform for growth; to reassure internal and external stakeholders, regulators and the wider capital markets that their approach works both now and in the future; and, ultimately, to turn it to their advantage.