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Investment Management 

The Investment Management sector is facing up to a change in its traditional business models. Pressure is being exerted on fees at a time of rising costs. When coupled with regulatory change and increased evidence of fraud, companies must have effective controls and processes in place to address change and manage risk. Our team is dedicated to helping your company address these issues and minimise the risks to your business.

What's on your Mind?


  • Regulatory change and associated risks
  • Facing up to, or seeking to commence legal action requiring quantification of loss
  • Need to improve the controls in place to address financial crime obligations (i.e. AML, sanctions, market abuse and bribery and corruption)
  • Looking to minimise exposure to fraud and misconduct by improving prevention and detection processes
  • Seeking to reduce and manage third party operational costs (i.e. through a supplier contract review)
  • Operational risk management


Bringing you Peace of Mind 


Our dedicated sector specialists can help you in the following areas:


  • Fraud - help prevent, detect and respond to the risk or occurrence of fraud and misconduct, reducing the damage it causes
  • Financial Crime - help you meet your regulatory obligations as well as minimise the risks to your business
  • Dispute Advice -help you bring commercial disputes to a resolution with a favourable outcome
  • Corporate Intelligence -help find critical information on individuals and organisations, to give you a full picture for your business decisions
  • Anti-bribery and corruption - help avoid non-compliant sales and marketing activity, as well as preventing and responding to potentially corrupt acts
  • Intellectual property and contract governance -independently review the performance of third parties, indicating non-compliance with contracts along with areas of risk and concern
  • Forensic Technology -use advanced technology to help recover and analyse information and reduce costs


What's in it for you? 


  • Disputes and disagreements are resolved with a favourable outcome and financial ruling
  • Exposure to Fraud is minimised through improved controls within your business
  • A reduction in operational costs. 70 percent of the contracts we have reviewed in the last five years have resulted in a monetary gain
  • Achieve regulatory compliance, thereby avoiding penalties and exposure to reputational risk


Why KPMG? 


  • We are part of a team of 1,400 professionals (in EMEA) dedicated to the Investment Management sector and have a wealth of forensic experience
  • We have successfully carried out some of the largest and most complex financial investigations to date (including the Funds Sector)
  • We have invested in leading edge forensic technology tools so that your issues can be resolved with rigour, accuracy and speed


Case Study


  • We helped carry out an investigation into the collapse of a hedge fund, and assisted our client in relation to the valuation of various financial instruments
  • Our work, including analysis of significant complex financial data, helped to provide our client with a clearer understanding of their position in relation to the collapse


Investment Review


  • We were instructed by a global insurance group to review investments made by an investment manager during a specific time period, in the light of the relevant investment guidelines
  • The key issue was whether these investments breached the client's mandates and resulted in a loss to the client. Our multidisciplinary team reviewed over 10,000 investments made by over 40 funds. Our report provided the client with evidence for use in mediation proceedings