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Managing Risks in High Growth Markets



highwire brazilThe world’s eighth largest economy has, over the past two decades, enjoyed an extended period of stability, growth and social gains. Its immense natural resources, strong development potential and improved political transparency continue to attract multinational organisations.






highwire china

Becoming the world’s second largest economy in 2010, China has had a remarkable period of rapid growth, shifting from a centrally planned to a market based economy. The liberalisation of the business sector is still characterised by a legacy of the state’s control, coupled with deeply engrained cultural values.





Czech Republic

highwire czech

 Accession to the EU has been an endorsement of economic stability and improved legislation over corporate governance. However, recent well publicised allegations of “grand corruption” questioning the business dealings of politicians are a cause for concern for those who operate in the country.






highwire india

The world’s largest democracy is now the world’s fourth largest economy in Purchasing Power Parity terms. Strong manufacturing output is underpinned by buoyant domestic demand. However, the state and private sectors have been marred by recent corruption scandals. These have sparked considerable public interest.





highwire russia

 The world’s largest country whose natural resources are fuelling its growth, Russia remains a collection of diverse territories at different stages of development. Within this landscape, risks of dealing with the private sector are coupled with a need to navigate local officialdom and complex bureaucracy.




South Africa

highwire south africa

South Africa is the economic powerhouse on the African continent, with abundant natural resources, a sophisticated and well developed financial sector and modern infrastructure. South Africa is also the gateway to other African markets. However, doing business on the African continent , dealing with its people and its singular work environment, tackling the perception of corruption and being conscious of the political  setting, all present their own unique risks.



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Assessing and Managing Bribery and Corruption Risks in High-Growth Markets


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