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Managing Risks in High Growth Markets

Today’s high-growth markets offer exciting opportunities but also daunting challenges. They typically provide fewer sources of publicly available information about people and businesses, while at the same time possessing a wide range of laws, regulations, and cultural business norms which multi-nationals must navigate. They also are perceived by many to have higher levels of bribery and corruption.


It should come as no surprise when some companies struggle to negotiate what can seem like a high-wire act – balancing the need to generate profits while adhering not only to the law of the country concerned but also to other relevant laws, which now include the UK Bribery Act.


KPMG has drawn upon the experiences of our network of member firms in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, India, Russia and South Africa with the aim of providing a balanced commentary on local reforms and attitudinal changes, without whitewashing national issues. Views from four continents, from nations with common problems, but also unique legal, policing, political and cultural characteristics.


KPMG’s commentary considers how businesses are managing risks in these sometimes challenging settings.

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Assessing and Managing Bribery and Corruption Risks in High-Growth Markets