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Eurozone crisis 

The Eurozone crisis is becoming more of a marathon than a sprint, are you ready for the long haul?

It’s clear that, whatever the outcome, the situation will take some time to work itself out and that for many sectors the impact of current and planned austerity measures will be lasting and structural. 

Many UK and European companies are now acting to assess the short and longer term risks and opportunities created by the crisis, and where necessary acting to develop robust contingency plans to address these.  In addition, businesses are responding to the impact of austerity, looking to manage margins, cut costs and focus on cash flow, particularly in the consumer goods, retail and communications industries where cost efficiency priorities are greatest, according to our Business Leaders Survey 2012.
However, there is still a concerning lack of corporate planning overall. 36 percent of businesses surveyed at the end of January said they were doing nothing about the Eurozone crisis; less than a quarter (23 percent) reported that they were undertaking group led contingency planning across a range of options. KPMG has been working with clients to deal with this challenge and the effects likely to have an impact on their operations.
In KPMG’s view there are key steps businesses could and should be taking now, and we have been working with a number of clients to deal with this challenge, and the likely impacts on their operations.



Wrist watch 

A few years ago a Eurozone breakup seemed inconceivable but ‘no bail-out, no default, no exit’ no longer applies.




Jane Hurst 

KPMG Director Jane Hurst talks through some of the key considerations companies must make in the wake of the eurozone crisis.




Protecting your business against the Eurozone crisis

Protecting your business against the Eurozone crisis 

What does the eurozone crisis mean to your business, and what, if anything can be done to prepare for the unknown?

Five Practical Strategies

Eurozone - Five practical strategies 

In KPMG’s view there are five practical actions that can be taken now to protect value in your business whatever the outcome?


Current Activities

Current activities 

Over the course of the year, KPMG will be running various activities to share our insights and experiences with you to help prepare your business for uncertainty.


Key Contacts

Key Contacts


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