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Is your UK business looking to expand operations abroad? Are you looking to take advantage of opportunities in ‘High Growth Markets’?


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The recent economic crisis made one thing clear: global growth is dependent on major emerging countries like China and India continuing to grow at a significant rate. These key emerging countries are accounting for an increasingly higher share of global GDP, creating a major shift in economic power. With this shift comes an abundance of opportunities. International business expansion is now a key part of the UK Government’s Plan for Growth. The Government is championing UK business overseas and helping to support SMEs in making this transition.


Whatever the size or nature of your business, international expansion can be daunting with many hurdles that need to be negotiated.


KPMG’s global network of dedicated professionals offers a wide range of services to support your specific needs. These include advice on tax jurisdictions, micro-market and opportunity assessments, and business, financial and project due diligence, as well as on every aspect of setting up and running a Joint Venture.


For more information on Brazil, Russia, ChinaIndia, Africa and other emerging markets, please visit their respective pages. 

International Strategy

International Strategy

International Strategy and internalization means different thingsto different businesses - from exporting goods, to manufacturing goods for import; from supply chain management, to supplying booming consumer markets in High Growth Markets; from tax structuring to structuring transactions.  There is no one-size-fits-all strategy which comes with the guarantee of success.


High Growth Markets Tracker

High Growth Markets Tracker

The HGM Tracker looks at deal flows between 15 developed economies (or groups of economies) and 13 high growth economies (or groups of economies). The Tracker is produced every 6 months to give an up-to-date picture of cross-border merger and acquisition activity, with the current edition featuring deals between July and December 2012.



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