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Financial Services 

Following the financial crisis of 2008, the calls for a regulatory overhaul were understandably loud, but has it all gone too far? Is the industry now facing “regulatory overload”?

Financial services certainly needed regulation, but not retribution.


While the recovery in this sector has been encouraging, it remains fragile - and when QE is withdrawn the world economy will enter unchartered territory. Broader economic issues could then come to the fore both at home and abroad.


There are other challenges too: how to cut costs, increase security, settle remediation charges and, somehow, prepare for the next crisis. There are also opportunities, including many new online technologies. And all of this must be managed by a mostly new generation of leadership within a constantly changing industry.


At KPMG we believe financial services businesses must be assertive and must go on the front-foot to adapt to this wholly new environment.

How we can help

KPMG's Financial Services practice is focused on three core areas. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Insights - UK

UK Banks Performance Benchmarking Report – Reinvention of UK Banking

Reinvention of UK Banking highlights that, as the cost of remediation continues to dominate results presentations, banks face an uphill battle as they try to radically transform in a timeframe that is acceptable to all stakeholders.

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The future shape of banking by Bill Michael

Speaking at the annual British Bankers’ Association conference, KPMG’s EMA head of financial services, Bill Michael, outlined his vision of how global banking will change over the next decade.

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Insights - Global

Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey

With Anti-Money Laundering (AML) higher than ever on senior management's agenda, regulatory fines running into billions of dollars, and threats of criminal prosecution against banks and individuals, our Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2014 explores the ways in which organizations are preventing, detecting, and responding to AML risks.


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Frontiers in Finance - April 2014 

Technology: as in every other business sector, financial services companies are having to respond to rapid and transformational developments in data, information and technology.

The Valued Insurer: Leading the pursuit of sustainable growth

The insurance industry is moving beyond a mind-set of post-crisis retrenchment. As well as balance sheet strength, insurers are refocusing on sustainable profitable growth. However, they do so under the constraints of 'the new normal,' characterised by low interest rates and equity market volatility, which is challenging traditional business models.

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Industry insights – key trends facing the investment management industry

To say that these are interesting times in the investment management industry would be an understatement. We sat down with more than 30 Chief Executive Officers from firms across Europe to gauge their thoughts on the state of the industry. The results were illuminating.


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Bill Michael

Bill Michael

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KPMG in the UK

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