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From shopping on smartphones to chatting on social networks, communications technology has become part of our daily lives. Mobile payments services are just the latest of a series of innovations

However, privacy is also a significant issue, especially with operators holding so much customer data. Most of all, though, with so many new competitors and technologies arriving in rapid succession, the biggest challenge is not to be left behind.

Such a dynamic market is awash with risk, as well as opportunities. It’s no exaggeration to say that decisions taken today will not only determine where your business is in a few years, but whether it exists at all. You must be bold in how you invest, collaborate and recruit. Staying ahead of the game will require a commitment to new strategies, such as investing in or finding different network sourcing arrangements.

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Our team of telecoms experts has been working with the industry worldwide for many years. Their experience and insight will provide the support you need in this fast moving sector. So whether you’re developing your business model or growing your market share, you can evolve with consumers’ needs.

Telco's perfect storm

Telco's perfect storm


Network operators are definitely in the midst of the ‘Telco perfect storm’. They clearly understand the challenges and opportunities ahead of them; for many, the question is simply ‘now what?’

We believe it begins with Telcos recognising the characteristics that are required to ride out the storm.

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Mobile security: from risk to revenue – creating opportunity from challenge

It seems everybody is concerned about mobile security. Consumers are worried that all of their personal data that now resides on their smartphones – contacts, bank account numbers, emails and so on – will fall prey to identity thieves and crooks. The risk for corporations is higher still as mobile devices become integrated into the office environment and start to be used to access sensitive company information, customer records and valuable intellectual property.

In search of a better customer experience

A global customer experience study of the mobile market.


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