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Aerospace and Defence 

The outlook for the civil aerospace sector continues to be robust with suppliers seeing increased activity levels. The civil aerospace sector seems largely immune to current concerns over the global economy.

The challenge going forward is to have in place the necessary resources to capitalise on the opportunity in terms of infrastructure and financing. Likewise, the attention of Original Equipment Manufacturers is moving from product development to delivery, creating ripples in the supply chain as OEMs review their core competencies. At the same time they are demanding that suppliers are able to support the expected ramp up in production.


In defence, the challenge is to be on the right programmes in the right markets with the right technology. Nevertheless, real windows of opportunity do remain.


Whether you are looking to realise your streamline working capital, expand your presence in the sector, realign your operations or secure additional financing then talk to us today.

FOCUS on Aerospace

FOCUS on Aerospace

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Glynn Bellamy, Head of Aerospace, provides insight into the UK Aerospace industry.


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