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When KPMG chose to support Action for Literacy and Shelter, we did so because we believe literacy and secure housing are a basic skill and a basic need to which everyone has a right. Furthermore, these issues sit at the heart of rebuilding our economy.

This programme forms part of our community strategy where we focus on improving employability and strengthening community organisations. We now have teams across the firm working on lobbying, pro bono, volunteering and fundraising.



Policy Support



More than half of all 20-34 year olds could be living with their parents by 2040.


Average house prices in England could quadruple in just 20 years to £900,000.


England has a housing shortage. Although we need to build 250,000 new homes a year, each year we build approximately 100,000 fewer homes than this. But the housing shortage is not a new phenomenon; it has been caused by decades of building too few homes. Failure to act now will mean falling home ownership and an economic recovery stalled by a volatile housing market. That’s why KPMG and Shelter have created a plan to help the 2015 government get this fixed.


By freeing up land for new homes, increasing the diversity of the building industry, investing in new housing stock and empowering cities and towns to build the homes they need, we can create a market that builds enough homes, at reasonable prices. It’s happened in other countries, so we know it can be done in England too. The 2015 government must intervene to solve the dysfunctions at the heart of our house building system, transforming the quality and quantity of our country’s housing stock and improving the lives of millions.

On Thursday 1 May 2014, Shelter and KPMG launched a landmark report setting out what we believe the Government of 2015 should do in order to tackle the housing crisis in England. This report is the result of a year-long project by KPMG in the UK and Shelter to contribute to the crucial national debate on the housing shortage. It has been written through close collaboration between housing policy, financial and housing market experts in KPMG and Shelter. It draws on a wide range of expertise and new research to address the problems and propose solutions.


  • View the Building the homes we need - a programme for the 2015 government

In November 2013 KPMG and Shelter commissioned a survey of more than 4,000 British adults to gain fresh insight into the issues that matter most to voters. The results confirm that the economy and cost of living continue to dominate, but that housing will play a significant role in the next election. Click here for more details about the survey.


In autumn 2013 KPMG and the National Literacy Trust worked alongside the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Literacy to publish a report on Youth Literacy and Employability. The research conducted for the report shows that young people feel lost and disengaged from the job market and need urgent support to get the skills they need to enter it. The report calls for a deeper partnership between business and education, which focuses on growing young people's literacy skills in order to improve their future employment prospects.


Pro bono


KPMG staff are involved in over twenty pro bono engagements for Action for Literacy and Shelter. These include working with Shelter to upgrade their accounting systems, helping Dyslexia Action with their strategy, and advising the National Literacy Trust how to better manage their intellectual property.



Our people have been involved in a number of activities, for example working directly with children to encourage reading for pleasure and supporting Shelter shops to help generate revenue.

KPMG staff from Reading, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Preston and Southampton have been involved with Action for Literacy supporting our work to improve literacy in a variety of ways over the past year, working with a total of 226 students.

We are working with the charities to help them build a more sustainable, long term volunteering programme so they can get more value from volunteers as part of their need to work smarter in the face of funding challenges.



Seventeen months in to the partnership, we are on track to raise £1 million to support Action for Literacy and Shelter. To date we have raised over £750k as a firm, enabling over 5,200 young people to gain access to better literacy provision and over 1,300 families to remain safe and secure in their homes.



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Literacy and homelessness

Homeless or badly housed children are nearly twice as likely as other children to leave school without any GCSEs.


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If you would like find out more, or donate individually to the charities we are supporting, please visit the Action for Literacy or Shelter websites.