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Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fairtrade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade, including a sustainable minimum price (which must never fall below the market price) and additional premium to invest in business or community development. This enables producers to improve their socioeconomic conditions, plan for their future and have more control over their lives.

Fairtrade Africa represents over 300 producer organisations and is the first member of Fairtrade International (FLO) to partner with KPMG in BRIGHT. The BRIGHT partnership also supports the FTF with pro bono support as part of the programme. Evidence has shown that with effective organisational, management and technical support, smallholders can participate effectively in the supply chain, thereby promoting sustainable development and reducing poverty. These are the focus areas for the KPMG pro bono volunteers and are instrumental in helping Fairtrade organisations become better and more effective businesses. 


Our BRIGHT Partnership Plan with Fairtrade


Over the next five years Fairtrade and KPMG will work together to demonstrate a leading model of civil societyand private sector partnership - proving that together, we will have a greater impact empowering farmers and producers in developing countries. Together, through partnership and common interest, Fairtrade and KPMG will  utilise their unique expertise to accelerate development processes, especially in relation to Fairtrade producers via capacity building investment, partnership and KPMG’s leading BRIGHT initiative. 


Core Focus Areas





KPMG’s contribution to Fairtrade

KPMG has been a longstanding supporter of and lobbyer for Fairtrade for more than 10 years, with many of our offices serving Fairtrade products in our canteens and to our clients. In addition to this, in 2011, 21 volunteers from KPMG each participated in two-week long placements conducting pro bono work for Fairtrade Africa in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa. Our volunteers focused on topics such as financial systems, market and strategy development, business and knowledge management, tax implications and trustee research.


This helped build capacity amongst Fairtrade Africa producer organisations, supporting Fairtrade Africa’s vision to allow all producers to enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods and fulfill their potential. Fairtrade Africa benefited greatly from KPMG’s expertise through the introduction of systems and tools that increased Fairtrade producers’ efficiency and effectiveness in finance and general management. With an improved system in place, Fairtrade can now better serve their members on the ground. 

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Who is Fairtrade Africa?


Fairtrade Africa




Fairtrade Africa represents over 300 producer organisations spread across 26 countries in Africa, with over 600,000 farmer members. The contribution of producers in Africa to Fairtrade is significant, with sales exceeding US$ 175 Million in 2009/10 and producers earning in excess of US$18 Million in Fairtrade Premium over the same period.




Feedback from Fairtrade Africa

“It was inspiring to see the commitment and professionalism applied to a task which may have been very different from their day-to-day operations, yet which required a deep understanding of Fairtrade and our farmers - something that is not always quick or easy to come.” - Michael Nkonu, CEO, Fairtrade Africa


 “I am happy about the programme and its usefulness to our organisation. No matter how short the period we work together in strengthening our financial systems, [the KPMG volunteer] has been an asset” - Sanga Massawe Finance Director, Fairtrade Africa
Question: “Overall, how would you categorize the KPMG BRIGHT participants’ value to your NGO between 1 – 10.”  Answer: “11.” - Zachary Kiarie, Regional Coordinator Eastern Africa, Fairtrade Africa


Feedback from BRIGHT participants on Fairtrade placements

“I am so satisfied to work for Fairtrade which I did not know about before, since they have not any organizations in Turkey. I had always the opinion that volunteer projects were not taken seriously. It was really good to know that KPMG support these activities.” - BRIGHT Turkey participant

“I always buy Fairtrade when I have the opportunity and will try to suggest KPMG Luxembourg buys Fairtrade too. It was well organized by Fairtrade, the staff were friendly and took care of us with great interest. A beautiful experience” - BRIGHT Luxembourg participant


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