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What is BRIGHT?

Corporate sustainability is central to the KPMG network and our values. This means we are committed to behaving ethically, safeguarding the environment and building positive links with the communities and environments around us.


BRIGHT launched in 2010 as KPMG’s first cross-border CSR programme. BRIGHT has two components: Local and Global. It encourages our people to use their talents and skills to Act Local and Act Global to support the UN Millennium Development Goals.


Act Local, Act GlobalLocally, people in our KPMG member firms apply for BRIGHT by submitting a BRIGHT idea around how they can use their professional skills to support local social and environmental challenges in their communities.  The BRIGHTest ideas are provided a local grant to develop and implement their programme.   In addition to their local grant, the successful applicants are invited to apply for a global pro bono placement to use their skills to support our BRIGHT community partners: Fairtrade, Restless Development and Child Helpline International. Our people work together in multi-national and multi-disciplinary teams supporting KPMG’s Global Development Initiative (GDI) and our firm’s commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goals

How does BRIGHT work?

Each country decides upon their BRIGHT participants either by selecting their emerging leaders/ top talent or setting a local CSR challenge, reflecting local social and environmental challenges.  Examples include:

Challenge: How can we consistently provide a low-carbon service to our clients?

Challenge: How can we leverage our skills-based volunteering to provide greater value to the Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) with whom we work.


The BRIGHT challenge Structure


  • In each member firm running the BRIGHT programme, KPMG people are invited to form teams between 2-4 people. Teams develop their BRIGHT ideas in consultation with a local community partner
  • Teams complete a proposal of their BRIGHT idea
  • Teams present their BRIGHT idea to local country panels that include their national board partner and other senior people selecting the winning ideas
  • Successful applicants are provided a grant (where appropriate) to locally implement their BRIGHT idea
  • All successful applicants from each firm are invited to apply for an International MDG Mission with their colleagues from across the world.

United Nations Millennium Development Goal Mission

Successful BRIGHT applicants are sent on their placement for a two week period. The teams are multi-national, ensuring the blend of people and skills deployed best match the needs of our community partners.

BRIGHT focuses upon NGO capacity building and business and enterprise growth in developing countries. We help by;


  • Supporting NGO’s to grow and develop through capacity building
  • Working with Fairtrade Producers to support a variety of activities including financial management; climate change mitigation; new market and competitiveness exploration; operational efficiency.
  • Helping young people establish and develop their own enterprises

Click here to see the BRIGHT process... (PDF 53 KB) 


What has BRIGHT achieved?

BRIGHT launched to great acclaim in 2011, as the first international cross-border, multi-disciplinary CSR programme for KPMG. The 2011 programme was a huge success involving more than 1000 people, contributing more than 200 BRIGHT ideas locally. In support of the MDGs BRIGHT contributed of more than 2400 hours of pro bono work worth more than €500K.



See the impact that our volunteers made during their 2011 BRIGHT missions...


Feedback of the BRIGHT experience from BRIGHT participants

“BRIGHT provides insight into other ways of doing things. It forces KPMG staff to think and act creatively to solve real world-wide social-environmental problems. It utilises some of the smartest minds in Europe in a way that benefits humanity.” - BRIGHT UK participant

“BRIGHT is really helping those NGOs to improve their organisation. BRIGHT also gives KPMG people the opportunity to look beyond their normal work and problems. They can meet incredible people in a totally different surrounding.” - BRIGHT Germany participant

“BRIGHT is an amazing and unprecedented opportunity to help a sector of life that we never see, never mind have the opportunity to help. It provides a unique perspective as to how a NGO operates on a global scale, as well as seeing the nitty-gritty day-to-day requirements of the guys on the ground. It has increased my job satisfaction no end! For me, it helped to develop a number of professional and personal skills that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.” - BRIGHT UK participant

Our BRIGHT Community Partners



Fairtrade International


Restless Development


 Child Helpline International



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Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy
Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility


+44 (0)20 7694 2576

“We have a lot of BRIGHT minds at KPMG and it’s about using those minds to help make the world a BRIGHTer place. Part of our key vision is to be best for our clients, the best for our people and the best for our communities. For us, it is about making sure that the work we do has a wider benefit for the community. BRIGHT does this by building the capacity of not-for-profit organisations, therefore helping them with some of the skills they need to make sure that they can meet their objectives.”



Richard Bennison 

Richard Bennison
Chief Operating Officer