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Child Helpline International – A BRIGHT community partner 

Child Helpline International


Child Helpline International (CHI) establishes child helplines in countries where there are none, helping to keep children safe and ensuring that they receive respect, nurturance and support. CHI does this by providing direct responses to children, by providing services to child helpline members nationally and by using the knowledge given to them by children to represent them at all levels of government.


Our BRIGHT Partnership Plan with Child Helpline International


Over the next five years Child Helpline International and KPMG will work together to demonstrate a leading model of civil society and private sector partnership - proving that together and across sectors, we will have a greater impact in widening access by children and young people to child helpline services in developing countries.


Together through partnership and alignment of common values, Child Helpline International and KPMG will strive to contribute to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals by developing strategies to enhance access to child protection services. Through an integrated approach impacting both on child helplines and CHI the expertise of KPMG will be harnessed to build capacity and to jointly advocate for meaningful change in the lives of children and young people.

Core Focus Areas


CHI core focus areas


KPMG’s contribution to Child Helpline International

KPMG volunteers work with CHI in South Africa and Namibia. Last year in Namibia, they helped to build upon and improve the existing internal governance structure, human resource and financial management systems and support staff development. This year, BRIGHT participants in Namibia will be supporting them with their People Management system and with the creation and implementation of a business model in order to maximise profits based on the outcomes of their USAID-funded consultancy taking place this year.

Last year in South Africa, they worked to identify leadership development needs, deliver financial management training, improve human resource management systems and refine the existing marketing and fundraising strategy. This year, BRIGHT participants in South Africa will be supporting Child Helpline with their Marketing and Communications Strategy, People Management, Strategy and Governance and helping them to build their own Information Systems and develop a strategy for Knowledge Management.


Feedback from Child Helpline International

“Our interaction with the team from KPMG was refreshing, inspiring and challenged us to think out of the box. We had a group of young minds with a passion and vision for the future. They had insight on what we want to achieve as an organisation and the challenges/limitations faces in achieving our goals. Their energy was such that we too could not help it but catch the bug!!!” - Dumisile Nala, National Executive Officer, Childline South Africa


“It has been excellent to have an external view of our governance and to get some help in focusing on making improvements.  KPMG’s support has been fantastic and there has been good feedback from our Board Members.” - Jane Shityuwete, Lifeline Childline Namibia


Feedback from BRIGHT participants on CHI placements

“Working for an NGO using professional skills in a different context, in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, multi-ages and multi-experienced teams was fantastic.” - BRIGHT Netherlands participant in South Africa

“This was a great opportunity to do something I would not do in my day job. I was able to make a real difference and see the effect.” - BRIGHT UK participant in Namibia

“The highlight of the experience for me was seeing that the work we had done in such a short time was able to help CHI so much.  It is very easy to overlook how our work-based skills can help others.” - BRIGHT UK participant in South Africa 



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Roisin Murphy
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