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Transaction & Restructuring 

We help clients identify new opportunities to make sustainable changes to strategy, operations, and finance as well as stabilize their businesses. These services include supporting client's efforts to raise capital to refinance or restructure their businesses and conduct and finance transactions including mergers, acquisitions, and divestures.



From underperforming businesses, to those in distress, KPMG in Trinidad and Tobago transaction & restructuring professionals work alongside management, stakeholders and lenders to help make real improvements to cash flow, profit & loss and the corporate balance sheet. KPMG’s Advisory Services practice will work with you to help maximise transaction value whether buying, selling, merging or raising capital.


How we can help


Securing the right deal at the right price is key, which is why pre-deal evaluation and valuation services are important in this area and they call for a genuinely objective view.We work with clients to asses and analyze proposed transactions highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities in the deal. We remain involved throughout the life cycle of the deal.






We help you get the deal you want by:



Focusing on an appropriate deal


At an early stage, we work with you to evaluate your options, identify deal-breakers, evaluate potential synergies and use our experience to highlight issues thus helping you to limit the time and costs spent on deals that may not work.



Understanding the opportunities and the risks


  • We provide efficient and focused due diligence to help you understand the value drivers and highlight possible opportunities and risks.
  • We can communicate clearly with stakeholders and assist with meeting regulatory requirements, providing the independent assurance and credibility you require internally and externally.



Limiting the price paid and increasing returns


  • We can advise and help you implement an effective
    accounting, tax and deal structure.
  • We can identify pricing adjustments and provide you
    with the ammunition to negotiate the transaction,structure the deal effectively and fight on your corner on sales and purchase agreements and completion accounts.



Delivering value as quickly as possible


We can work with you to rapidly gain control and integrate the business by assessing actions required to protect and enhance value post completion and implement the integration plan successfully.






We help you achieve a successful disposal by:


Improving the value of bids submitted


Through our experience of working with buyers, reviewing your disposal options and assisting in preparing the business for sale, we can help increase bidder interest by identifying information required that assist bidders in fully valuing the opportunities.



Limiting value leakage to completion


We can help you avoid “nasty surprises” and price chipping by subjecting key information to detailed due diligence, and addressing communication of critical deal issues early in the process.



Maintaining value post completion


  • We can negotiate on your behalf on the financial and accounting aspects of the sales and purchase agreement, and help prevent value leaking away through completion mechanisms.
  • We can advise and help you implement an effective accounting, tax and deal structure.
  • We work with you to ensure a clean separation with appropriately structured and priced ongoing service level agreements.


Limiting disruption to the transaction process and your business


We can assist you in keeping tight control of the process, help limit purchaser interference with your business, and help keep the timetable on track.



Deal Finance



We help you achieve an appropriate funding structure by:


Achieving a financing structure aligned to your interests


  • We can provide independent and impartial advice on financing options.
  • We highlight the value drivers, risks and sensitivities, helping enable potential funders to validate the proposition.



 Limiting cost of finance


  • We can provide efficient and focused due diligence which helps you to understand, model and stress test the business value drivers and opportunities and risks of the proposed financing.
  • KPMG’s experienced debt financing professionals can evaluate and benchmark existing sources of finance and advise on refinancing and new debt options.



 Increasing usable free cash flow


  • Using our cash management experience, we can assist in designing and implementing systems to help you manage and monitor ongoing finance requirements and increase available free cash flow.
  • We can work with you to reduce taxation charges and improve the potential realization of free cash flow.
  • We provide independent advice and due diligence giving the credibility required by your board and finance providers.






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Partner, Advisory & Partner, Audit


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Senior Manager, Advisory


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