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  • Service: Advisory
  • Industry: Financial Services, Industrial Markets, Consumer Markets, Information, Communication and Entertainment, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare
  • Type: Publication series, Survey report, White paper
  • Date: 5/31/2012

A Nuanced Perspective on Cybercrime 

How can we cope with cybercrime? What is the perception of people and decision makers about cybercrime, and what can you do to fight cybercrime at this very moment? This paper answers the most urgent questions and gives a nuanced perspective on cybercrime.

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Today, data equals money; do-it-yourself malicious software is easily available; both public and private organisations operate in strong mutual dependencies in a network-based society, which brings along new vulnerabilities; criminals worldwide organise themselves in elusive networks via internet technology; and their focus is not only on money but also on disturbing vital processes.


This poisonous cocktail makes cybercrime an important issue and a tough challenge for organisations to prepare themselves for the risks of cybercrime. There is, however, no reason to panic.