Trinidad and Tobago

Corporate Citizenship 

Commitment to our communities is at the heart of KPMG’s values. We work in partnership with other companies and non-profit organizations to make a positive difference to the lives of the citizens of our country.

We have a clear vision of the role of KPMG firms. We believe we should use our skills and our resources to become fully involved in finding sustainable solutions to global and local issues, working alongside governments, civil society groups and international agencies. This vision is in line with our values — where we make a commitment to the communities in which we work.


Here in Trinidad and Tobago we focus on the following areas:



We have adopted the Global Green initiative and educated all staff on the importance of responsible energy use and the awareness of keeping those practices constantly, not only on the job but everywhere that we go.



We acknowledge the importance of education to everyone from young to old, on relevant topics that will enhance growth and development.


Local Charities

We strongly believe in supporting charities. We in Trinidad and Tobago partake in various charitable organizations through; Fundraising, Staff volunteering, Sponsorship and Donating, making a great contribution to these organizations and communities alike.


Overseas Support

We support not only in our country but we also lend a helping hand to those in need overseas.


Sport & Recreation

We also provide support to various sports organizations. It is important for our staff to recognize the new move to a more healthier lifestyle. We organize different activities for our staff as well. A work life balance is important to us.

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