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2014 Thailand Tax Calendar

This 2014 Tax Calendar is designed to assist you and your staff to keep track of and meet the filing requirements of tax returns and payments
Modified date: 1/20/2015
Business and industry issue

International Tax Review - Asia Transfer Pricing

In preparation for the upcoming AEC in December 2015, each countries in Asia has to ensure the jurisdictions with more developed transfer pricing rules has been reached and covered the latest nation legislation and international guidelines.
Modified date: 3/31/2014
Publication series

The Banking & Financial Services Sector in Myanmar

This report on Myanmar’s banking and financial services sector is based on our insights into the country garnered from various engagements, primary research from interviews, as well as secondary research in the form of market intelligence.
Modified date: 12/23/2013
Business and industry issue

ASEAN Tax Guide

Summarizes the taxation regimes of the ten Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam).
Modified date: 12/13/2013
Regulatory update

Audit Committee Handbook

KPMG understand that your role as an audit committee member is challenging and we have created this practical handbook to help you to achieve your objectives.
Modified date: 10/18/2013
Business and industry issue

KPMG Thought Leadership App

Instant access to KPMG insights from around the world to today’s most pressing business issues and complex challenges. Free to download, the app supports a multi-lingual user interface, available in 25 languages.
Modified date: 10/1/2013
Business and industry issue

Global Japanese Practice in Thailand (日系企業支援サービス)

Japanese companies have an outstanding presence in Thailand. To assist and encourage further growth of Japanese companies.
Modified date: 9/12/2013
Business and industry issue; KPMG information

In search of a better customer experience

In the constantly changing mobile telecommunications landscape the market is becoming increasingly saturated with a bewildering variety of products and services.
Modified date: 8/15/2013
Business and industry issue

2013 Insurance Industry Outlook Survey

This survey reflects the viewpoints of 101 senior insurance executives in the United States. The Web survey was conducted in the spring of 2013.
Modified date: 8/15/2013
Survey report

Shale Development - A Global Update

KPMG’s Global Energy and Natural Resources practice is pleased to announce a new thought leadership publication entitled Shale Development - A Global Update: Focus on US, Argentina, UK, China, Indonesia and Australia.
Modified date: 8/15/2013
Business and industry issue
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