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We are looking for high performing people in all levels. We offer fantastic career opportunities across Audit, Tax, and Advisory. We also need professionals from varies backgrounds such as Marketing, HR, and IT to help us succeed globally.

Whatever stage of your career may be, you can expect to truly challenging and rewarding opportunities at KPMG.

Audit Career


A career in Audit at KPMG will give you insights into the inner workings of companies and a broad business perspective that can open up countless opportunities for professional and personal growth.

As auditors we help ensuring the integrity and transparency of the capital markets we serve, maintaining the confidence that is so important for capital markets to function well.


Tax Career


Competitive and responsive Tax policy is essential for any business and any economy-developed or emerging. As never before, Tax is firmly on the political and business agenda as many countries compete for corporate investment and Tax revenues.


Also, the rapid internationalization and increasing sophistication of business means a career in Tax at KPMG can be an exciting, fast-moving and intellectually demanding experience. Tax is a complex, demanding and constantly evolving field, with a whole range of career paths and specialization.


Advisory Career


Our advisory services are focused on the Finance Function and we work with clients in identifying and tackling their challenges in Growth, Governance, and Performance. We combine specialist skills around the world with an aim of providing objective advice and execution to help create and preserve value.


By doing so, we seek to differentiate ourselves clearly from consultants with a generalist approach from whom we are continuously gaining market share due to our faster growth.


Business Support Services Career


We look for exceptional standards when we’re recruiting for our business support services — and these careers are highly rewarding, whether they’re in Marketing, HR, IT, or any of the areas that are critical for business to run smoothly. 


Marketing: We take our brand seriously. You can help manage our reputation and deliver our message to the people who count, on a national and global scale.


Human resources: We need passionate and talented HR professionals who can help ensure we attract, recruit and retain talented people


IT: Cutting-edge IT helps us lead the field, and the constant need for new knowledge sharing technology and systems integration presents some exciting challenges.


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