Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 

Organisations implementing ERM today are looking at embedding risk management into their business to manage their risk exposure and seize relevant opportunities.

At KPMG, we are committed to assist your organisation in developing a practical risk management road map that is aligned to your risk management aspirations.

Our methodology is designed to provide a robust and sustainable framework to allow you to achieve your desired state of risk management through both value creation and value preservation. We provide a range of services to address the different risk management issues that are aligned to your business and customised based on your needs. Ultimately, we believe in delivering practical results that work for you.

How we can help you?

At various stages of your ERM journey, you may be confronted with different challenges and obstacles that may impede your road to success. At KPMG, we are equipped with both the practical experience and know-how to help organisations from both public and private sectors to successfully navigate through these challenges.

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Success Stories

Client needs How KPMG helped Outcomes
One of the largest shipping company based in Middle East
Design and develop an Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM") Program
  • Formulated the risk management policy for the firm including setting up ERM governance structure through workshops.
  • Designed & developed the risk registers and initial risk assessment report.
  • Structured the risk dashboard and risk report generation.
  • Developed a comprehensive risk reporting mechanism.
  • Provided training to assist with implementation.
  • Implementation of a holistic ERM program that equipped the client with the ability to embed risk management into their business.
  • Coupled with comprehensive risk monitoring and reporting, the ERM program allows the client to effectively manage their risk exposure and seize relevant opportunities.
One of the largest insurance company based in Indonesia
Enterprise Risk Management Framework Review and Core Business Processes Review
  • Assisted the client in performing a review of its current state of Enterprise Risk Management vis-à-vis industry better practices and guidelines (e.g. IAIS, ISO 31000)
  • Performed a risk-based review of the core business processes, from operations (e.g. underwriting and claim handling) to finance and accounting (e.g. actuarial, accounting, investment) and Sales & Marketing (e.g. product development).
  • Conducted an assessment of the scalability and suitability of the key processes and IT systems/capabilities to support business growth.
  • Recommendations provided enabled management to overcome the deficiencies identified within their current risk management initiative.
  • Assurance on the accuracy, completeness and efficiency of core business processes.
  • Capability assessment which was to be used as an input to the business case for future growth.
Statutory Board
Design, development and implementation of a comprehensive ERM framework
  • Profiled enterprise risk by conducting a number of workshops covering more than 200 officers & spread across 13 departments.
  • Performed a detailed analysis of risks to establish risk drivers, consequences, identify risk treatment action plans & Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).
  • Developed ERM framework which included governance structure, policies & processes.
  • Facilitated with risk monitoring & reporting.
  • Trained ERM leads appointed from each department.
  • Workshops conducted helped the client in creating an awareness and appreciation for risk management throughout the entire organisation.
  • Enabled client to operationalise risk management by embedding it within their day-to-day operations.
  • Re-appointed by client to design and implement a risk governance course for more than 1000 management professionals of the Statutory Board.
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Head of Risk Consulting
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Partner, Risk Consulting

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