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Stakeholders Communication 2013 Study and Toolkit

Good stakeholder communications is critical to building trust and confidence in a company’s performance. This research by KPMG in Singapore, CPA Australia and the Singapore CFO Institute aims to provide practical guidance to CFOs on communicating with their stakeholders. It includes a toolkit for CFOs to better identify their key stakeholder communications needs and to proactively manage stakeholder communications.

Hard Facts About Accurate Estimates

This report presents the findings from a study into the impact of the use of estimates (including “fair value” estimates) on the financial statements of Singapore listed companies. In all, the published financial statements of 200 listed companies on the Singapore Exchange as at June 2012 were studied to understand how companies were using estimates to derive asset values.

Taking the pulse: survey of internal audit in Singapore 2013

As pressure mounts worldwide for internal audit functions to provide greater assurance over a wider area of the company’s operations, many internal auditors here find themselves underequipped, under-resourced and under-appreciated.

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