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Our Institutes network aims to help Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to develop and update their corporate finance function.

The CFO Institute articulates and brings to the local market some of the leading and best practices from around the world. It provides CFOs with a forum for discussion and networking.

Latest Insights

View from the Top

View from the Top
Titled The View from the Top, the study surveyed 178 CEOs, managing directors, business owners and chairmen of large companies based in Asia Pacific to find out more about their changing views and expectations of the finance function. Some 39 percent of respondents are from the ASEAN region, out of which 16 percent are based in Singapore.

Financial Services Briefings 14 (PDF, 945KB)

Financial Services Briefings 14 (PDF, 945KB)
A recent KPMG survey found that Singapore based CFOs in the Financial Services sector seem to be moving at a slower pace in gearing their finance function towards a greater strategic role, compared to their peers in Europe and the US. The intelligent finance organisation of the future must go beyond its business-as-usual financial operations, reporting and control roles to become a value-adding provider of intelligence.

The Value-Driven CFO

The Value-Driven CFO
The CFO is well positioned to be the new knowledge executive in the C-suite. With a wealth of data from ERP systems, line-of-business applications and management reporting tools, the CFO can see the bigger picture, make truer forecasts and pave a clearer path to value.

Stakeholders Communication 2013 Study and Toolkit

Good stakeholder communications is critical to building trust and confidence in a company’s performance. This research by KPMG in Singapore, CPA Australia and the Singapore CFO Institute aims to provide practical guidance to CFOs on communicating with their stakeholders. It includes a toolkit for CFOs to better identify their key stakeholder communications needs and to proactively manage stakeholder communications.

Hard Facts About Accurate Estimates

This report presents the findings from a study into the impact of the use of estimates (including “fair value” estimates) on the financial statements of Singapore listed companies. In all, the published financial statements of 200 listed companies on the Singapore Exchange as at June 2012 were studied to understand how companies were using estimates to derive asset values.

Female CFOs in Singapore

Although female graduates outnumber male graduates in business-related disciplines in many countries, women remain under-represented in senior management positions, including in the finance function. In Singapore, however, women seem to be holding increasingly important senior finance roles

KPMG Singapore CFO Study 2011-2012

Who are our CFOs? KPMG study of CEO experiences & competencies in Singapore 2011-2012

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays a critical role in helping his or her company deliver sustainable performance, and in helping to ensure high standards of corporate governance, financial reporting, disclosure and accountability.

From Keeping Score To Adding Value

Amid the prevailing volatile economic scenario, senior finance executives are preparing to build on the gains they made in efficiency & productivity during the depths of the recession, by utilising those skills to achieve future growth. The study highlights a renewed commitment among finance executives to improving the effectiveness of their finance groups, which, in turn, will ensure growth even under difficult business conditions.
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CEO/CFO Interview Series

How has the role of the CFO evolved in the past decade? Has it moved beyond financial control to more strategic responsibilities?

Hear the latest views from CEOs and CFOs in our interview series.

Technology Issues and Agenda

With increased complexity associated with information technology, CFOs need to keep abreast of requirements and processes to mitigate potential exposures. Additional insights and guidance can be found at the Technology Issues and Agenda page.