Transfer Pricing practical seminars 

An All-in-One Transfer Pricing Olympic Spectacle offered to the participants of the workshop: choice of method, functional analysis and conduction of the benchmarking study in real time in the course of only 60 minutes.

Dear Colleagues!


We invite you to participate in a practical KPMG transfer pricing seminars.


To understand how to prepare transfer pricing documentation, we invite you to participate in one of the practical seminars on August 23, 24, September 6, 7, October 11 and November 1 2012.


You will have the unique opportunity to see the whole process of preparing such documentation performed right in front of you by KPMG an international company with more than 10 years experience in transfer pricing in Russia.


The seminar includes all basic stages of document preparation: functional analysis, selection of the transfer pricing method and profit level indicator and search for comparable companies (benchmark study).


In addition, the most difficult part – the benchmark study, which usually takes 2-3 weeks - will be performed in real time in 60 minutes at the KPMG seminar.


During the seminar you can not only see, but also directly participate in the process of preparing transfer pricing documentation:

  • The transaction to be analyzed will be chosen by an independent audience vote
  • KPMG experts will comment at every stage of the process
  • The most typical issues that arise during the the process of preparing documentation, the prospects for concluding an advance pricing agreement, as well as international experience on specific issues will be discussed at the seminar


Dates of seminars: August 23, 24, September 6, 7, October 11 and November 1 2012. Time: 10:00 to 13:00.


Place: KPMG's Moscow office, Naberezhnaya Tower Complex, Block C 10 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya


The seminars will be held in Russian. Participation in the seminars is free. The number of participants is limited!


After the seminars you can arrange an individual discussion with KPMG’s specialists, if you let us know in advance.


Registration for the seminar on August 23, 24, September 6, 7, October 11 and November 1 2012 is finished. 


Looking forward to seeing you!


Kind regards,


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Online registration

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