As part of KPMG’s global sustainability services network, we provide services to both private companies and public sector organizations.

Today, an organization’s success and efficiency is measured not only by its financial figures, but also by its level of commitment to sustainability principles.


Arranging operations in accordance with sustainability principles allows organizations to be efficient today, without harming their future development.


Igor Korotetskiy

Igor Korotetskiy

Partner, Head of Corporate Governance and Sustainability

+7 495 937 44 77

    We offer our clients the following types of sustainability services:

    • advice on preparing sustainable development reports;
    • independent assurance of sustainable development reports;
    • development of sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategies;
    • analysis of non-financial risks for the organization;
    • setting up a system for stakeholder relations;
    • development of performance indicators for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and systems to monitor these indicators;
    • comprehensive diagnostics and improvements to the system for managing sustainability and corporate social responsibility, including process improvement and development of principles, policies and other internal documents;
    • advice on climate change issues;
    • comprehensive diagnostics of health, occupational safety, and environmental issues;
    • assistance in implementing responsible investment principles in the organization’s operations;
    • compliance with REACH requirements.


Our specialists can systematize the organization’s sustainability activities by aligning internal processes and procedures, the development stage and scale of the organization, in order to achieve a balance between the company’s relations with its stakeholders and its strategic development goals.


KPMG’s approach to providing sustainability services is based on our professionals’ many years of practical experience, our extensive proprietary methodological resources and the use of international standards. Our experience along with our constantly evolving methodology is allow us to adapt our services to the needs and specific requirements of each individual organization.


KPMG contributes to the theoretical understanding of sustainability by participating in the following leading international organizations:


  • International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) – member of the Sustainable Development Experts’ Group;
  • AccountAbility – non-executive director and member of the Board;
  • The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – member, participant in the Boundaries Working Group, a key working group developing new reporting standards; joint publications of KPMG and GRI in the field of sustainability reporting are regularly published;
  • World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD).