Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services 

KPMG’s Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services professionals help organizations assess their corporate governance processes.

KPMG provides access to well-established methodologies and tools to help organizations improve quality and results, ensure that efficient and effective controls are designed and function to manage organizational risk, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of key business processes, enhance the internal audit value proposition by driving revenue enhancement and cost containment opportunities, and develop or enhance the enterprise risk management and corporate governance processes within an organization.


In an environment of increasing emphasis on corporate accountability, accurate and transparent financial reporting, and ethical business practices, companies are more intent than ever on maximizing their internal control, risk management and corporate governance processes. A variety of new regulations are prompting them to strengthen - or, in some cases, create - internal audit functions. KPMG’s Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services (IARCS) assist clients in focusing on the inherent risks in their business processes used to support their business objectives and to grow their businesses.


Andrei Shvetsov

Andrei Shvetsov

Partner, CIS Head of Audit

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To help our clients meet the growing challenges, KPMG provides assistance to companies from different industries in the following areas: